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Social Trends

Explore the social volume of any word on crypto media with our crypto sentiment analysis tool. You can also look at individual platform data, including Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit. Compare words and assets, and check any common words that have been frequently used alongside the coin’s or trending word’s name.

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Search for mentions of the words and tokens you’re insterested in across all the sources of our

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Crypto Narratives

Access our exclusive expert analysis on social crypto trends. Stay ahead of the curve, respond swiftly to FUD, and never miss key developments in your chosen projects.

See the emergence, dynamics and impact of different crypto narratives from X(ex-Twitter) on the crypto market.

We use the power of AI to detect those crypto narratives for you in the total volume of daily message and to explain what crypto community are talking about. On the graph below you can see an example of such crypto narratives with key words, describing them. To see more detailed explaination for each narrative check out the AI summary section. Currently we're releasing the beta version of "Alpha Narratives" and looking forward for the early adopters. Subscribe below and say a few words about you and how do you plan to use this feature.

Alpha Narratives


Understand the cryptoverse
with Alpha Narratives

Exclusive analysis, reports of the social crypto activity Delivered in lock step with current trends and events Produced by top industry experts
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