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Stay updated with the latest screeners, charts, watchlists, and insights created by the Santiment team and our community, all in one place. Explore trends, identify investment opportunities, and gain profound insights into the crypto market with Sanbase's Explorer tool.

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@aleksei 16.04.2024

Bitcoin Miners: Total Supply Held
bitcoin icon

The Bitcoin Miners Supply Held chart reflects the amount of Bitcoin held by miners. It's a crucial tool that traders can use to gauge market sentiment. A declining chart signifies miners are selling their rewards, possibly expecting a bearish market, which may lead to a drop in Bitcoin's price. Conversely, an increasing chart means miners are holding onto their Bitcoin, hinting at a bullish market sentiment and potential price increase. Use this info to position your trade accordingly: buy when the market's bullish and sell when it's bearish.

@aleksei 16.04.2024

Polygon Active Addresses
polygon-ecosystem-token icon

The Polygon active addresses chart showcases the number of unique addresses involved in transactions on the Polygon network on a daily basis. It's a valuable tool to assess network activity and user adoption over time. Higher peaks indicate increased activity which often correlates with higher price volatility. Traders use this information to anticipate movements: a sudden surged in active addresses could mean a potential price pump is coming. It's not a definitive forecast, but it can certainly aid your decision-making in the crypto market.

@aleksei 16.04.2024

Chainlink Supply Live Chart
chainlink icon

The chainlink supply represents LINK's circulating supply over a period of time. This visualization can be highly informative for traders, as it provides insight into how many LINK tokens are being traded. An increasing supply usually implies more active trading, potentially leading to increased liquidity and volatility. That said, when supply is on the rise, traders might consider it a good time to sell if the price per token is favorable. On the other hand, a decreasing or stagnant supply could mean less trading activity and might require a more conservative approach, suggesting buying or holding until market activity escalates.

@mtkachuk 09.04.2024

ethena-usde icon

Understanding the dynamics of Ethena ecosystem. - total supply and # of holders - ratio between USDe and sUSDe - social metrics for ENA

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