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Stay updated with the latest screeners, charts, watchlists, and insights created by the Santiment team and our community, all in one place. Explore trends, identify investment opportunities, and gain profound insights into the crypto market with Sanbase's Explorer tool.

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@caloy 13.07.2024

Medium Time Frame Analysis Caloy
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1. Retail Crowd and Traders Sentiment 2. Fresh Money Indicator + Pump Cycle Indicator + Top Marker + Fear Zones 3. Market Traffic + Market Sentiment 4. Crowd Spot Light 5. Greedy Indicator & Spots Heated and Cooled Zones 6. Greedy Indicator 7. Capitulation Indicator 8. Market Overheating and Cooling Temp 9. Whales Tracker Matic Whales - 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 DyDx Whales - 100,000 - 1,000,000 10. Capitulation + Top Marker and Smart Money Tracker 11. Capitulation + Top Marker and Smart Money Tracker 12. Smart Money Tracker + Sell Side Pressure View 13. Top Marker + Capitulation 14. Top and Bottom Marker + Overvalued and Undervalued Zones Bullish Divergence - MATIC, DYDX Bearish Divergence - 15. Network Activity + Top Marker 16. New Money + Top Marker 17. Momentum + Fuel for Pump + Top Marker 18. Momentum + Fuel for Pump

@socialtrends 10.07.2024

OP, Arbitrum and ZKSync
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Comparing these three L2s 1st Chart - prices of these assets against BTC They should eventually move or less synced against BTC. If some "dissonance" emerges, that could be a signal 2nd Chart - comparing the "social dominance"

@socialtrends 09.07.2024

Detailed view on Ethena. USDe
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We have here major metrics to understand the crowd behaviour through the lens of USDe holders The first and the third chart show some fundamental metrics, which are important to analyse to understand and manage expectations on how big the yield could be for you, if you decide to move to USDe. What is the most interesting, however, is the second chart. Here we can see two important patterns, which can be used to make a better call if we are around the top, or if we are building the bottom. 1. Blue bars. This is when the USDe holders decide to "unstake". That could be explained due to their expectations of "market will keep falling, means the yield on delta-neutral strategy will decline, and the risk of stkUSDe price to decline is increasing" 2. Red line That showed nicely the expectations of "market will pump" (it didn't - it dumped). This can be seen by the massive increase in supply. Fundamentally it's good - however, after the price peaked and decreased before, not a good sign from the behaviour point of view.

@henor 03.07.2024

My Trading Strategy Studio
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Also Check Metrics such as: 1) DAA, Volume - for Divergences at the Tops 2) Whale Transaction Count 100k and 1m, Age Consumed, Dormant Circulation, NRPL - for Capitulation at bottoms and Distribution at tops 3) ETH Network Fees + SV + WSS + FR - for Market Mood and Crowd Participation 4) MDIA, % Total Supply in Profits, STHs, and LTHs RCap Hodl Waves - for Phase of the Market Cycle 5) Exchange inflow, Exchange Flow Balance, Deposit Transaction, DAD, and Supply on Exchange - to asses the sell-side pressure

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